we need to talk céline

I know, I’m late to the party on this one. While I saw this all go down night-of, I’ve had to let these photos marinate and settle before jumping in. Did anyone have a better time at the MET Gala than Céline Dion? Per the photo above, no. The Céline that has emerged post-René (RIP) […]

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Rosé gummés

It’s normal to have a Sugarfina stockpile, right? I say this as I open my second to last box of Yes Way Rosé gummy roses and a single tear sheds down my left cheek. I’ve been hoarding these for so long, I’m only now discovering they’ve since changed their name to But First, Rosé and I’m not on board. […]

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What would Tracee Ellis Ross Do?

Last month, I embarked on a 3 week trip to Portugal and Spain completely solo. Was it terrifying? You betcha! Was it life-altering? Meh. Let me explain. Solo female travel is always romanticized in books and film. It’s our moment to remove ourselves from our dull, quotidian and come into our own overseas (typically while […]

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I Love Seth Cohen

I’ll be honest, I’ve often dreamed of winning an Oscar as a Music Supervisor. Is this even a category? No. Do I have any experience in the field? No. Do either of these things really matter? In this fantasy, no. After a congratulatory shoulder grab from Oprah and being guided up the stairs by Will […]

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Day 1

I’ve done it – I’ve started a blog! This is something I’ve been putting off for quite some time because I’ve never had theme in mind and without one, it’s difficult to find the motivation. But here I am, theme-less, writing my very first entry. We’re starting at ground zero, which is both terrifying and exciting – […]

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