Rosé gummés

It’s normal to have a Sugarfina stockpile, right? I say this as I open my second to last box of Yes Way Rosé gummy roses and a single tear sheds down my left cheek. I’ve been hoarding these for so long, I’m only now discovering they’ve since changed their name to But First, Rosé and I’m not on board.

As someone who appreciates a good pun/rhyme/alliteration, I know Sugarfina can do better than this. For goodness sake, they’re the force behind Sassy Strawberries!

Ergo, as a struggling Copywriter, I present Sugarfina with the following suggestions from strongest to weakest:

  • Rosé Rose Bouquet (I mean c’mooon)
  • Rosé S’il Vous Plait (Cultured)
  • Hip Hop Rosé (Who doesn’t love a Naughty By Nature reference?)
  • Rosé Soirée (Cheeky)
  • Rockin’ Rosé (I feel like Lisa Marie Presley would love this?)

On a similar note, I often think of the meeting that took place when Sodalicious was first discussed. What do you think came first: the name, or the concept? This has been plaguing me for quite some time.

Singing off as I savour what remains of Yes Way Rosé.


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