Day 1

I’ve done it – I’ve started a blog! This is something I’ve been putting off for quite some time because I’ve never had theme in mind and without one, it’s difficult to find the motivation. But here I am, theme-less, writing my very first entry.

We’re starting at ground zero, which is both terrifying and exciting – but I’m focusing on the latter. One thing I can assure you is this will not turn into your run of the mill blog where I sit at marble top cafés, advertising Daniel Wellington watches (although a girl can dream.)

If it’s OK with you, I’d like to reserve this space for any and everything that’s on my mind. Whether it’s my favourite breath freshener at the moment (Ice Breakers Cool Blasts), or a piece of clothing I refuse to take off (Girlfriend Collective Leggings).

I’ve also got my finger on the pulse and would like dated proof that I discovered a musician before they blew up. But that’s purely for my own personal benefit.

I hope you’re on board.


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